I sometimes encounter “The specified path has an unexpected status” error when I start SVN Update. You can fix this error in the following way. Problem solving Select the folder which has “svn:external” configuration. Open [TortoiseSVN]-[Properties]. Remove the exsisting “svn:external” configuration. (Do not forget to take note of original configuration!) Close the Properties dialog. Start SVN Update.

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Transfer to Hugo

Services Name Purpose Netlify Hosting, Continuous deployment from GitHub GitHub Versioning Hugo Static site generation from markdown hugo-tranquilpeak-theme Hugo theme with hierarchical categories Cloudinary Resource management Disqus Comment hosting First steps Download hugo.exe from Hugo and put it in C:\hugo. Add the path to hugo.exe to the PATH Environment Variable.

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Shunsuke S.

Hello, I’m Shun. I studied electronics and started my career in Test & Measurement field in 2003. I work as a senior software engineer with a passion for hardware, and with experience of hardware development and systems integration. This site is to keep my technical notes from my work and from my personal projects. I would be very grateful if one of these notes could help someone.

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